Visiting scientist support

The aim of this funding is to enhance collaboration and training opportunities by supporting external researchers to visit ANU, CSIRO and/or the University of Canberra.



Proposed visitors should be nominated by a lab leader(s)/research groups from at least one (or preferably more) CBA partner institutions, ie. ANU, CSIRO, UC, and plan to collaborate with researchers from these institution(s) during their time in Canberra (or other CSIRO sites).

Visiting scientist's research field/s should complement CBA’s biodiversity science focus, eg. evolutionary biology, population and ecosystem ecology, genomics, bioinformatics, and/or spatial modelling.

As a condition of CBA support, the visiting scientist will need to present a workshop and/or seminar that is advertised to the CBA community (and elsewhere when appropriate). It can be held at ANU, UC or CSIRO (other venues can be proposed if required).

If required, the CBA can provide coordination support, e.g. advertising, registration, venue and flight bookings, etc.


How to apply

Using the template (under Downloads) we invite you to submit to a short proposal (~2 pages or less) that includes:

  1. Inviters’ details
  2. Visitor's details, including date of proposed visit and research background
  3. Outline of workshop / seminar
  4. Budget

Applications will be assessed by the CBA Director and Liaison Committee.


Past visiting scientists