Student Grants

Grants & funding opportunities available to eligible students

CSIRO Supplementary Postgraduate Scholarship Program

'Top-up' scholarship of $7,000pa stipend (living allowance) and $10,000pa operating (research funds)

The CSIRO Supplementary Postgraduate Scholarship Program provides opportunities in science and engineering for outstanding graduates at Australian tertiary institutions.

Each year, the Program supports postgraduate scholarships for students to work on projects that align with CSIRO's priority research areas. Students are co-supervised by researchers in an Australian university and CSIRO allowing students to maintain and develop their university connections while being exposed to research in a working environment.

These projects are advertised via CSIRO’s careers portal. They will also be available on the CBA student projects page. Before applying, it is highly recommended that prospective students contact the supervisors listed to discuss the project they are interested in.

CSIRO Supplementary PhD Scholarships are available to PhD students who have gained (or expect to gain), first class honours or equivalent in relevant research areas and are, or able to be, enrolled in a PhD program at an Australian university.

In addition to applying for the CSIRO Supplementary Scholarship, students will also need to be awarded a main source of funding such as:

See herefor University of Canberra's available PhD scholarships and herefor a full list of ANU's.

Consideration for eligible full PhD scholarships typically occurs as part of the online enrolment process via ANU's portal or UC's portal.

Summer student scholarship

The summer scholar program provides a third year student with valuable and exciting hands-on experience in the field and/or lab with their own short research project undertaken with an ANU or CSIRO research group over the summer vacation break.

Honours research

Honours is a research-based program undertaken after a three year Bachelor Degree. This exciting and rewarding year-long course develops invaluable scientific, technical, problem-solving and communication skills that are not only essential in undertaking further training as a Masters or PhD student but fundamental for any career.

Visit our people directory for more details on potential supervisors and research areas and the below links for further information and the application process for ANU and UC students:

PhD research

A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is an intensive research degree available to students who have obtained their Honours or Masters that normally takes between three and four years of fulltime study (or equivalent) to complete.

CBA PhD students will have the opportunity to work alongside Australia's leading scientists in world-class facilities.

Visit our people directory for more details on potential supervisors and research areas and the below links for further information including scholarships and the application process at ANU, UC and CSIRO: