CBA mission statement:

Through collaborative science and training, to promote understanding and conservation of Australia’s unique biodiversity in the face of accelerating environmental change.

The CBA's main aims are:

  • To promote collaborative biodiversity science across ANU, UC and CSIRO that will develop and demonstrate novel approaches to biodiversity discovery and analysis.
  • To build capacity through training of graduate and postdoctoral scholars.
  • To incorporate new knowledge on Australia’s biodiversity into Commonwealth and State-level conservation policy and management.


This is being achieved by:

  • Supporting pilot projects co-proposed by ANU, UC and CSIRO research scientists, postdoctoral fellows and PhD students.
  • Supporting and coordinating external visitors and CBA members to present training workshops and seminars.
  • Supporting and hosting national conferences.
  • Supporting co-supervised honours students.
  • Collating and connecting biodiversity news and events across the ANU-UC-CSIRO biology community.
  • Supporting the exchange of scientific and policy knowledge, perspectives and challenges amongst researchers, policy makers and managers.