CBA Workshops

CBA Workshop: Bayesian phylogenetics and macroevolution in RevBayes, presented by Tracy Heath, Iowa State University

Our technical workshops typically focus on advanced analytical / technical methods in population- and phylo-genomics, spatial ecology, macroecology and biodiversity informatics, often with the primary developers of the methods presenting.

The CBA strongly encourages direct input from post docs and PhD students regarding the types of technical training they need for their specific research requirements and interests - see training support funding.

We also facilitate and support other 'workshops', such as working groups, round table discussions and symposiums, which support research development and collaboration across our partner institutions and knowledge exchange amongst scientists, managers and policy makers.


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9.30am 12 December – 4.30pm 13 December 2022
Nicholas Matzke, University of Auckland
An introduction to powerful software packages to estimate historical biogeography.

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