R-evolutionary Insights: Deep dive into SNP-based population genomics

DNA is the original big data. It encodes all kinds of information that is useful for medicine, agriculture, and environmental management. Our challenge is to collect this information and make sense of it. The first part of this challenge is now within reach, with new technologies providing access to vast DNA sequence resources. But capitalising on this rich and much-needed source of information usually requires deep theoretical understanding, considerable computer resources, and strong programming skills. Thus, researchers and stakeholders often struggle to keep up with the various ways to analyse and apply genetic data and to take maximum advantage of them to inform conservation and restoration as the number of analyses and their complexity increases, accessible, streamlined and reliable platforms to analyse genetic data will play a crucial role in translating science into practice.

This 5-day training workshop run by developers of popular R packages and experienced practitioners will help students and ECRs get the most out their population genomics research using R. The first 2 days will focus on bringing everyone up to speed with an introduction to R, R packages, population genetics principles, and their application in a conservation context. The following three days will include more advanced topics. Each day will have three blocks of two hours. Each block will consist of 30 minutes of theory, 60 minutes of analysis in R and 30 minutes about how to apply theory and analysis results in the real world.


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Pre-reading material, instructions for using RStudio cloud, description of activities, etc. will be sent to registered participants via email prior to the workshop. Contact Luis.MijangosAraujo@canberra.edu.au for more details.


Workshop fees

$850 AUD in-person; $425 AUD online*.

The in-person fee includes shared accommodation at ANU's beautiful Kioloa Coastal Campus on the NSW South Coast, all meals, and transportation to and from Canberra or Sydney and Kioloa (if required).

Recordings of all the workshop sessions and workshop materials will be made available to all registered participants.

Registrations will close on 8 Jan 2024 with applicants notified regarding workshop placement the following week. In-person workshop spots are limited and will be assigned to achieve maximum impact. In the case that the workshop is oversubscribed, we will reach out to laboratories and institutions with multiple applicants (full fees will be re-funded if this becomes necessary). 




  • Depart Sydney Airport Domestic Terminal Monday 11 March 9am; arrive Kioloa Campus 12:30pm.
  • Depart Kioloa Campus 15 March 4pm; arrive Sydney Airport Domestic Terminal 7:30pm.


  • Depart Canberra Airport Domestic Terminal Monday 11 March 9am; arrive Kioloa Campus 11:30am.
  • Depart Kioloa Campus 15 March 4pm; arrive Canberra Airport Domestic Terminal 6:30pm.
  • Note - there will also be a pick-up/drop-off location in the city, TBA

*ANU participants please note: we have been advised that ANU staff and students should not pay for ANU activities (which includes CBA events) using an ANU Purchase Card. You will need to request a journal transfer. Please use the Promotional Code 'ANU2024' at checkout (this will allow you to register without a credit card). Then email CoS Finance (or your relevant college Finance team) and ask them to do a journal transfer for your registration costs to the CBA's account (S4151002) from your chosen account.