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The Centre for Biodiversity Analysis

Biodiversity is not static - it is constantly changing. The current patterns of biodiversity we observe today, and work to protect, reflect past environmental change and evolutionary processes.

Biodiversity science in the 21st century has undergone a revolution. Innovative capabilities in genomics and advances in bioinformatics and spatial modelling have increased exponentially in recent years. 

The Centre for Biodiversity Analysis (CBA) is a collaborative initiative of the ANU, CSIRO and University of Canberra that connects scientists and their research to exploit new and emerging genomic and spatial environmental analysis capabilities in the discovery, understanding and conservation of Australia’s unique biodiversity in the face of accelerating environmental change.


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The CBA has just completed 11 years of operating, with another 2 years remaining, making this a good time to assess our future beyond 2025.

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A diverse range of projects and synthesis groups have been funded in our latest grant round.