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The Centre for Biodiversity Analysis

Biodiversity science in the 21st century is undergoing a revolution. Innovative capabilities in genomics and advances in bioinformatics and spatial modelling have increased exponentially in recent years.

The Centre for Biodiversity Analysis (CBA) is a collaborative initiative of the ANUCSIRO and University of Canberra that connects scientists and their research to exploit new and emerging capabilities in the discovery, understanding and conservation of Australia’s unique biodiversity.


Sex gene in dragon lizards makes females when it is in a bad chromosome neighbourhood »

CBA researchers have found that the sex gene in bearded dragons is controlled, not by the presence or absence of a sex gene, but by its location in a bad neighbourhood on a sex chromosome riddled with “junk DNA” which turns it from an activator to an inhibitor.

CBA community feedback »

We would love to hear from our CBA community on your science interests and priorities and how you would like to engage with us as we head into our 10th year.