Anchored Phylogenomics


9:30-10:20am, Evolution & Ecology Seminar Room

Genome-scale data have recently become the standard in phylogenetic studies.

This new standard has been made possible through methodological advances such as Anchored Hybrid Enrichment (AHE), which leverages limited genomic resources to enable data collection in many related non-model systems.

Anchored hybrid enrichment has been used not only to enhance studies at the phylogenetic scale, but has more recently been adapted to enhance studies at the phylogeographic and population scales.

I will present a survey of the novel applications of this approach while highlighting some new approaches that have been employed to identify anchor, functional, and anonymous loci for work at a wide range of taxonomic scales.


10:30am-12:00pm, Evolution & Ecology Meetings Room

Participants will be led through the AHE pipeline, using methods optimized for AHE data. Topics include raw read processing, quasi-de novo assembly, allele phasing, orthology, and alignment trimming/masking.

Please bring a Mac laptop with R and Geneious installed. As places for the hands-on workshop are limited please indicate your intention to attend here.

Anchored Phylogenomics | Lemmon Lab

Alan and Emily Lemmon's visit is supported by the Centre for Biodiversity Analysis. Hosts: Craig Moritz and Scott Keogh.