CBA Grants & funding

Funding opportunities and grants provided by CBA

Ignition Grant Program


Ignition Grants

Risk-taking research

These small grants (up to $15K) aim to 'ignite' novel collaborative research across ANU, CSIRO and UC, particularly amongst early-mid career researchers (EMCRs).

An Ignition Grant provides an opportunity to test the feasibility of new and innovative ideas, techniques, tools, etc. with new collaborators.

We are looking for creative, original project ideas that will genuinely benefit from seed funding.

Awarded projects will be expected to share results in a seminar organised by CBA staff.

Synthesis groups

Each year the CBA provides support for a number of small group meetings (in person or online) and interim analyses that aim to generate:
  • High impact syntheses and reviews of existing data or concepts; and/or
  • Collaborative grant proposals; and/or
  • Policy/management outcomes via knowledge exchange between biodiversity scientists and policy makers/managers.


CBA Synthesis Groups (SG) will need to:

DArT PhD internship


Founded in 2001, Diversity Arrays Technology Pty Ltd (DArT) is internationally recognised for its pioneering work in affordable genome profiling in the agricultural and ecological sectors.

    Who are DArT looking for?

    With locations both at ANU and the University of Canberra, DArT is looking for PhD students to undertake a fully-funded internship to help them develop new and exciting products and services in DArT’s areas of operation.

    Honours awards


    The CBA can help facilitate ANU and UC students spending time in CSIRO labs, providing valuable exposure to CSIRO scientists and research. Co-supervised honours projects also afford an excellent opportunity to develop collaborative linkages between CSIRO staff and university researchers.

    The CBA may provide up to $10,000 for operational expenses and stipends for a honours student enrolled at ANU or University of Canberra with a CSIRO co-supervisor. 

    Training support


    One of the major objectives of the CBA is to build capacity through training of postdoctoral and postgraduate researchers.

    So we want to hear from you!

    The CBA welcomes input from Early Career Researchers and PhD students regarding the types of training activities you need to address your specific research requirements and interests. 

    Visiting scientist support


    The aim of this funding is to enhance collaboration and training opportunities by supporting external researchers to visit ANU, CSIRO and/or the University of Canberra.



    Proposed visitors should be nominated by a lab leader(s)/research groups from at least one (or preferably more) CBA partner institutions, ie. ANU, CSIRO, UC, and plan to collaborate with researchers from these institution(s) during their time in Canberra (or other CSIRO sites).