CBA Workshops

One of the major objectives of the CBA is to build capacity via the training of postdoctoral and postgraduate researchers.

Our workshops typically focus on advanced analytical / technical methods in population- and phylo-genomics, spatial ecology / macroecology and biodiversity informatics, often with the primary developers of the methods presenting.

The CBA strongly encourages direct input from post docs and PhD students regarding the types of training activities they need for their specific research requirements and interests - see training support funding.

Our short 'Techniques in Evolutionary Analysis' talks - TEA Talks - introduce a range of current methods and analytical approaches in phylogenetics, bioinformatics and macroevolution.


 Claire Stephens

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Upcoming events

9.30am–4.30pm 20 May 2022
Prof Michael Kearney, School of BioSciences, University of Melbourne
Mechanistic niche modelling: understanding how climate constrains the distribution and abundance of organisms – an approach using NichemapR
28–30 November 2022
A biosecurity-focused workshop that aims to contribute to capacity building and establish a community of practice of Nanopore sequencing focusing on biosecurity and eDNA.

Past events