CBA Workshops

CBA Workshop: Bayesian phylogenetics and macroevolution in RevBayes, presented by Tracy Heath, Iowa State University

Our technical workshops typically focus on advanced analytical and technical methods, with the primary developers of the methods presenting, across three main areas:

  • population- and phylo-genomics,
  • macro evolution and ecology, and
  • biodiversity informatics.

The Ecogenomics and Bioinformatics Lab (EBL) offers an annual wet lab “Introduction to molecular lab fundamentals” to coincide with new honours and PhD cohorts and also welcomes requests for bespoke experimental and/or training requirements throughout the year.

The CBA also facilitates and supports other activities such as working groups, round table discussions and symposiums that support research development and collaboration across our partner institutions and knowledge exchange amongst scientists, managers and policy makers.

We strongly encourage direct input from post docs and PhD students regarding the types of dry and wet lab training they need for their specific research requirements and interests.

We also support national and international visiting scientists who present a workshop during their time in Canberra.


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Upcoming events

9am–5pm 8 November 2023
Professor Bruce Walsh, University of Arizona
This one-day workshop presented by Bruce Walsh from the University of Arizona will provide an overview of the wide array of approaches have been proposed to detect selection. 
20–21 November 2023
Robyn Shaw, conservation biologist, WA Depart. Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions / ANU, Andrea Wild, science communicator and author, CSIRO National Research Collections Australia, Michael He, Manager, National Centre for Indigenous Genomics, Kyle Hemming, eResearch Analyst, Research & Innovation Services, University of Canberra, Paula Doyle, Knowledge Broker, CBA
This hands-on workshop will show participants how to speak about their research to invite conversation, whether it be amongst other scientists, stakeholders, or the general public.
30 November 2023
Remco Bouckaert and Jordan Douglas, Centre for Computational Evolution, University of Auckland
In conjunction with Biosystematics 2023, the CBA is hosting a post-conference workshop on phylogenetic analysis software BEAST 2.

Past events