Ignition Grant Program

Ignition Grants

Risk-taking research

These small grants (up to $15K) aim to 'ignite' novel collaborative research across ANU, CSIRO and UC, particularly amongst early-mid career researchers (EMCRs).

An Ignition Grant provides an opportunity to test the feasibility of new and innovative ideas, techniques, tools, etc. with new collaborators.

We are looking for creative, original project ideas that will genuinely benefit from seed funding.

Awarded projects will be expected to share results in a seminar organised by CBA staff.


Ignition+ Grants

Developing and sharing new capabilities

These larger grants (up to $60K) aim to foster substantial and enduring research collaborations between ANU, CSIRO and UC.

The overarching goal of our Ignition+ Grants is to develop and share new capabilities of benefit to the CBA community.

There will be strong preference to fund projects that make use of our existing CBA resources which includes the Collections and genomics facilities of CSIRO, the accredited eDNA labs at UC, and the EcoGenomics and Bioinformatics Laboratory at ANU.

Successful applications will be where applicants have already coordinated with each other and CBA staff/Liaison Committee to validate sample processing and/or analytic approaches.

Awarded projects will be expected to continue to engage with CBA staff (EBL Manager, CBA Coordinator, CBA Knowledge Broker and/or Liaison Committee) to support, communicate, and administrate these strategic projects that ideally will have a path to external longer-term funding. Indeed, CBA Ignition+ funds could be used to match and leverage other funding.

On conclusion of the project, it is expected that developed capabilities will be shared to the wider community at a workshop organised by CBA staff.



We welcome proposals from research scientists, post docs and PhD students working in biodiversity science, e.g. evolutionary biology, population and ecosystem ecology, genomics, bioinformatics, and/or spatial modelling.

Ignition and Ignition+ projects should be relatively focused with 1-2 CIs per institution from at least two CBA partner institutions (ANU, CSIRO, UC).

Funding should aim to be spent within 12-18 months (starting in around July in each year).

Up to $15,000 (Ignition) or $60,000 (Ignition+) may be requested for field and/or lab work related expenses. Salary-associated costs will not be funded. 


Selection criteria

Ignition Grants

For Ignition projects, applications will be assessed by the CBA Director and Liaison Committee in terms of:

  • Research question: ‘risk-taking’ research that poses new and innovative ideas and/or techniques, tools, etc.
  • Novel pilot research: justification that the study is unlikely to be funded elsewhere and will genuinely benefit from seed funding.
  • Collaboration: demonstration of a new, genuine collaboration. Priority will be given to projects led by, or with a strong representation of, EMCRs.

Apply using the Ignition proposal template (under Downloads).

Ignition+ Grants

For Ignition+ projects, applications will be assessed by the CBA Director and Liaison Committee in terms of:

  • Quality of the research and its potential to develop substantial and enduring research collaborations and new capabilities that will benefit the CBA community.
  • Appropriateness of the research methodology. Applicants should coordinate with each other and CBA staff/Liaison Committee to validate sample processing and/or analytic approaches prior to submission.
  • Budget: effective use of resources and value for money.

Apply using the Ignition+ proposal template (under Downloads).



We request a brief annual progress report (if applicable) and a final report on your outcomes (including expenditure) on completion of your project. We also expect that you will present your project outcomes to the CBA community via a seminar or workshop.

As part of your final report, we would also like to know if the CBA Ignition Grant program has been of value to you and your work? Did your project result in any:

  • Publications
  • New grant applications and/or successful funding
  • New co-supervised students (summer students, Hons or PhD)
  • Applied outcomes - e.g. links/applications to management, policy
  • New interactions/collaborations with scientists, from both within and outside your institution

Past and currently funded Ignition Projects