Combining genomics, AI and robotics - a new tool for biodiversity science
30 January 2024

Last year, the Centre for Biodiversity Analysis hosted Rudolf Meier from the Center for Integrative Biodiversity Discovery at Berlin’s Museum fur Naturkunde for discussions on “DiversityScanner”.

This novel technology combines artificial intelligence, robotics and genetic sequencing to enable the identification of “dark taxa” - highly abundant and diverse, functionally important, undescribed insects. 

This year, our aim is to continue to work with Meier and his collaborators to bring this technology and associated workflows to Australia to build capacity and aid the discovery and monitoring of Australia’s invertebrate biodiversity.

As the initial step towards this national capability we plan to establish a facility to which researchers can bring samples for processing and training.

The new Australian Biodiversity Discovery Facility will build on existing expertise at ANU, University of Canberra and CSIRO in high-throughput genetic barcoding and image analysis.

We are now looking to appoint a Senior Research Officer to establish and manage the new Facility.

In collaboration with international and local researchers, the Senior Research Officer will establish laboratory protocols, test their application across systems and provide training to others.

Applications close 28th February 2024.