Spatial analysis of biodiversity distribution patterns

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Dan Rosauer

The spatial analysis of biodiversity distribution patterns can help answer questions in conservation, biogeography and macroecology.

Dr Dan Rosauer is a postdoctoral researcher at ANU who works on the spatial analysis of biodiversity distribution patterns.

These analyses can help answer questions about biogeography and macroecology and contribute to conservation management.

He has a particular interest in techniques for measurement and spatial modelling of phylogenetic diversity, and the biodiversity informatics techniques which make this possible.

Dan is currently working with Craig Moritz to identify, and ideally predict, locations of evolutionary refugia.

Refugia are places where locally or regionally favourable conditions allowed populations of species through periods of harsh climate, such as the late-Pleistocene glacial cycles, and may harbour significant components of endemic diversity at or below species level.

Biodiversity informatics tools that Dan has helped develop include:

Before starting at ANU in 2012, Dan was a Donnelley Postdoctoral Fellow at Yale University, studying global patterns of phylogenetic endemism in terrestrial mammals with Walter Jetz.

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