Atlas of Living Australia

The ALA enables the sharing of all Australia's biodiversity knowledge.

The Atlas of Living Australia is a collaborative, national project that aggregates biodiversity data from Australia’s academic, scientific and environmental communities and the general public and makes it available and usable online.

ALA can be used to:

  • access information pages for each species containing photos, descriptions, maps and observations.
  • access scientific and common names.
  • explore the flora and fauna reported around your neighbourhood.
  • learn about Australia’s biodiversity collections at museums, herbaria and other institutions.
  • learn about citizen science projects.
  • map, analyse and visualise biodiversity and environmental data and trends.
  • access tools to help track changes in biodiversity and the environment.
  • download and use open source tools.
  • download biodiversity data.
  • access images, literature and genetic information through Australian nodes of international data repositories.
  • volunteer for digitisation projects.

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