Conservation zone planning

The discovery and documenting of species, particularly the detection of cryptic species and the use of phylogenetic diversity to identify stable habitat refugia and biodiversity hotspots, will provide valuable information for decision-makers who need to compare and conserve biodiversity across space and time.

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Project Status
A next-generation phylogenetics approach to explore the immense diversity of Australian thynnine wasps Completed
A test of the power of GBS for delimiting species boundaries among incipient species of Australian orchids Completed
ALA Two-way Indigenous Engagement Case Study Completed
Bill adaptation in parrots: finding loci involved in surface area increases by integrating morphometrics with NGS Completed
Bringing next generation approaches to conservation genomics using museum collections – Rock wallaby museum skinomics Completed
Characterising the evolutionary and ecological diversity of invertebrates in the Monsoonal vine thickets of the Kimberley Current
Collections-based landscape genomics: Red-browed finches as a test case Current
Curating spatial data to understand patterns and processes shaping biodiversity in New Guinea Current
Developing hyRAD-X capabilities for population genomics and identification of cryptic species Current
Developing new methods for using distribution data to identify taxa that can tolerate extreme conditions Current
Evolutionary processes in Billy buttons Completed
Genetic and demographic impacts of contemporary disturbance regimes in Mountain Ash forests Current
Genetic characterisation of formalin preserved fish tissue Current
Genomic diversity in Australian palms Current
Hybrid history: deep sequencing of the Tasmanian blue gum Completed
Investigating the effects of diversity, distribution and chytrid load on Uperoleia frog skin microbial communities Current
Landscape genomics of a dryland river keystone species, Eucalyptus coolabah: the influence of hydrochory on landscape genetic structure Current
Linking genomic data to spatial biodiversity data in the Atlas of Living Australia Current
Molecular phylogeny of Helicoverpa from museum specimens Current
Palaeoecological indicators of biodiversity change through time Completed
Penguin ectoparasites of the Southern Hemisphere Completed
Phylogeny of the longhorn beetle genus Rhytiphora (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)  Current
Species discovery and refugia in the monsoonal tropics Completed
The untold story of underground communities: fungi and soil seed banks in Mountain Ash forests Current