Introduction to AusTraits

AusTraits is an open-source, harmonized database of Australian plant trait data. It synthesises data on nearly 500 traits across more than 30,000 taxa from field campaigns, published literature, taxonomic monographs, and individual taxon descriptions. Begun in 2016 as an initiative between three lab groups, it has grown to be the largest collation of trait data for Australian plants.

AusTraits integrates plant trait data collected by researchers from diverse disciplines, including functional plant biology, plant physiology, plant taxonomy, and conservation biology. By harmonizing and error checking values, linking all AusTraits data entries to detailed metadata, and documenting trait and trait values definitions, AusTraits is a resource researchers can trust and use for their research agendas with minimal additional filtering or manipulations.

AusTraits Project manager Dr Elizabeth Wenk invites interested researchers to join her for an introduction to AusTraits, followed by a session focused on helping people learn how to access trait data in AusTraits. The content will be flexible depending on the interest/expertise of participants.

Participants should bring a laptop with R installed, so that they can interact with the AusTraits database during the workshop.

Following the workshop, Elizabeth will be available for one-on-one meetings with any researchers who might like to talk through how to merge their own data into AusTraits.

Venue: The Evolution Meeting room is on the second floor of the RN Robertson Building. For those who are unfamiliar with the building, come in through the main front glass doors (the Little Pickle cafe will be on your right), head up the ramp and through the first glass door on your right. The meeting room is about half way along the corridor on your right.