Introduction to molecular lab fundamentals 2023

Are you (or your student) new to molecular lab work? Could you or they benefit from an introduction to operating in a genetics lab?

The ANU EcoGenomics Lab (EBL) is offering a (free) 3-day basic introduction course to molecular lab fundamentals for new honours and PhD students (and others) who don’t have a strong genetics/molecular undergrad or background.


Day 1 - Mon 3 Apr

Introduction to lab operations
  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Molarity and how to make a chemical solution
  • Good pipetting practice
  • Introduction to agarose gels
DNA Extraction Method 1: Silica column-based kit

Day 2 - Tues 4 Apr

DNA Extraction Method 2: Phenol / Chloroform DNA Quantitation
  • Qubit fluorometer
  • Nanodrop spectrophotometer

Day 3 - Wed 5 Apr

PCR Amplification: Master Mixes, enzymes, reactions generally
Run agarose gels:
  • Both DNA extractions and PCRs

If you would like to attend please register before 24 March or contact Niccy Aitken for more info. We will be in touch after this date to discuss the workshop. 

Download flyer


* Note: This introductory course is NOT designed for those students who are doing a predominantly molecular project and have had molecular/genetics lab training at undergrad level, but rather students who have a more ecological/morphological background and are either new to genetics or who have a small genetic component to their project.