Dr Sharon Appleyard

Research Scientist, CSIRO
National Research Collections Australia

Research interests

Currently my interests lie in:

  • DNA barcoding of fishes (I lead a BPA project in this area), sharks and rays
  • NGS of fish (we are just starting to get into this area and coming to grips with the requirements around large data processing and analysis)
  • metabarcoding and eDNA assessment of fish (eggs, larvae, DNA) in the marine environment
  • barcoding of degraded specimens from the ANFC – particularly with respect to mini-barcoding of our extensive formalin preserved ANFC culture specimens
  • genomic characterisation of ANACC’s micro-algal resources
  • characterisation of bacterial communities from ANACC strains
  • single colony algae isolation, extractions and characterisation
  • promoting the use of our ANFC and ANACC for genetic/genomic purposes

for species identifications, ecology, population connectivity and biodiversity assessments for fish (primarily marine) and algae.