Collaborative projects

CBA Synthesis Group workshop "Crossing Lines: A new synthesis on Asian, Melanesian and Australian biotic exchange"

One of our key tools for engagement and collaboration across ANU, CSIRO and University of Canberra are our Ignition Grant and Synthesis Group funding schemes.

Our Ignition Grant program aims to 'kick-start' novel collaborative research between researchers from at least two or more CBA partner institutions (i.e. ANU, CSIRO, UC), with the intention that the interactions and results will subsequently form the basis of more substantial research proposals, publications, and/or collaborations in the future.

Our Synthesis Group funding provides support for small group meetings (in person or online) and interim analyses that aim to generate:

  • High impact syntheses and reviews of existing data or concepts; and/or
  • Collaborative grant proposals; and/or
  • Policy and/or management outcomes via knowledge transfer amongst biodiversity scientists and policy makers and/or managers.

To date we have funded 77 Ignition Grants and 16 Synthesis Groups.