New Integrative Big Data Analysis hub funded

20 May 2020

University of Canberra and ANU researchers along with with Diversity Arrays Technology (DArt) are part of an exciting new Integrative Big Data Analysis hub funded by the ACT Government Priority Investment Program (PIP). 

The $1.2M project, EcoKDDArT: Future Proofing Biodiversity and Biosecurity with a novel integrative Big Data Analysis Hub aims to deliver key knowledge discovery capabilities to enable Australia and international partners to better manage biodiversity and biosecurity to protect our ecosystems and industries. 

This project will create sustainable long-term partnerships to develop a product, the EcoKDDArT Analysis Hub, which builds upon proprietary technology underpinning the agricultural data analysis platform KDDArT. This innovation builds uniquely on the rapidly developing genomics technologies and will create new capability in the ACT.

The integrated big data platform will be powered by transformative genomics and populated with thousands of flora and fauna species that will be accessible to users around the world to track the impact of events like bushfires and assist with the management of our natural ecosystems.

As part of the project, the Centre for Biodiversity Analysis will coordinate and deliver engagement and training workshops and a mini grant scheme (to enable beta-testing of the platform).