CBA Mk 2 launch and welcome to UniCanberra

24 November 2017

In 2018, the University of Canberra will join ANU and CSIRO as the the third partner of the CBA.

The CBA community was invited to an end of year get-together to launch CBA Mk 2 today in the Banks Tea Room at ANU. It was the last CBA event held in the Gould/Banks Buildings before the move to the newly refurbished Robinson Building.

CBA Director Craig Moritz acknowledged the successes of the past five years of the Centre for Biodiversity Analysis and looked forward to the future.

He spoke on the CBA's plans for 2018-20, including funding opportunities for CBA members such as the newly announced synthesis groups.

Craig also took the opportunity to warmly welcome researchers and students from the Institute of Applied Ecology at the University of Canberra as UC joins ANU and CSIRO to become a full partner of the Centre from 2018.