Nanopore sequencing for biosecurity - science talks

Biosecurity practitioners visiting ANU for the Nanopore sequencing for biosecurity workshop will share their experience using Nanopore sequencing for biosecurity applications in an afternoon of short talks.

This (free) session is open to the general community - all welcome.


1:30pm: Introduction


1:45pm: Nanopore sequencing - Warren Bach, Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd.


2:30pm: DNA Metabarcoding for High-throughput Insect Surveillance - Alexander Piper, Agriculture Victoria


2:50pm: Lessons learnt from calling methylation status of cytosines directly from ONT reads - Yi Jin Liew, CSIRO


3:10pm: Rapid plant pathogen detection: a few examples - Sandra Visnovsky, NZ Institute for Plant & Food Research Ltd.


3:30pm: Break


3:50pm: Metabarcoding ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) for biosecurity: a tale across different sequencing platforms - Francesco Martoni, Agriculture Victoria


4:10pm: Monitoring for non-native species in Antarctica using eDNA metabarcoding - Leonie Suter, Australian Antarctic Division


4:30pm: Species identification on the go - Luana Lins, CSIRO


4:50pm: A rapid and accurate identification of invertebrate pests at the borders using MinION sequencing of DNA barcodes - Shamila Abeynayake, Dep. Agriculture, Water & Environment