CBA 10th anniversary science symposium

The CBA has turned 10!

The Centre for Biodiversity Analysis was established in 2012 as a joint initiative of ANU and CSIRO, with the University of Canberra joining in 2018. Thanks to the strong support and participation from these three institutions, the CBA is celebrating 10th year in 2022.

Spanning evolutionary biology, genomics, bioinformatics, spatial modelling, population and ecosystem ecology, the CBA has built on the strong research foundations of our partners and capitalised on the innovative capabilities in biodiversity science that were, and have continued to, rapidly emerge.

To celebrate the diversity and depth of collaborative science accomplished by the CBA over the last 10 years we invite you to join us at our 10th Anniversary Science Symposium.

The half-day program will include a showcase of CBA-funded research and a networking 'mini mingle' to provoke thought and discussion on biodiversity science moving forward.

The event will commence with a light lunch and conclude with celebratory drinks and canapés.

Please join us - free registration closes 10 October. All welcome.



(Download full program here)


Registration | Tea, coffee and light lunch



Welcome and introduction

Craig Moritz


From rabbit poo to Sars-Cov2

Benjamin Schwessinger


Metabolic consequences of sex-reversal in two species of lizard: a test of the like genotype and like phenotype hypotheses

Kristoffer Wild


Biodiversity change: A risk factor for human health?

Aparna Lal


High Country Eucalypt Dieback Synthesis Network

Jessica Ward-Jones


Advances in museum genomics: how collections can accelerate evolutionary research

Clare Holleley


eDNA: The next frontier of pest and biological control detection in agriculture

Valerie Caron


Genomic consequences of island isolation in Australian mammals (OMG project)

Emily Roycroft


The platinum genome assembly and a quick horizon scan of genomics and transcriptomics

Arthur Georges


‘Mini Mingle’ | Tea & coffee break


Human tools for Insect Pests - applying pan-genome approaches to characterise resistance patterns in Cotton Bollworm

Andreas Bachler & Amanda Padovan


Simultaneous inference of contemporary niches and the history of niche evolution

Xia Hua


BUCKET-Seq: Non-destructive genomic identification of museum-preserved parasites and their hosts from formalin preservation media

Erin Hahn


New approaches to understanding trophic ecology in marine ecosystems for industry application

Dianne Gleeson


Genetic assessment of bushfire-impacted vertebrate species

Rhiannon Schembri


Genomic empowerment of Australian bee systematics, taxonomy, conservation & diversity

Simon Tierney


Skinks with thermolabile sex as sensitive indicators of environmental change

Duminda Dissanayake


Eucalyptus genomics

Scott Ferguson & Justin Borevitz


Closing words

David Yeates


Social mixer - Celebratory drinks and canapés



Visual scribe Gavin Blake will uniquely capture and share the essence of the presentations.


An invitation to present

One of our key tools for engagement and collaboration across ANU, CSIRO and University of Canberra are our Ignition Grant and Synthesis Group funding schemes.

Over the past 10 years the CBA has funded over 70 Ignition Grants and 13 Synthesis Groups. In recognition of this, our past and current grant recipients are invited to share their progress, results and outcomes.

If you would like to present at the event (and we hope you do!), could you please fill in this short Expression of Interest form by 16 September. 

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