Welcome to CBA Mk3!

1 July 2020

Thanks to the strong support and participation from our three partner institutions we are pleased to announce that the CBA has been renewed for a further five years.

The Centre for Biodiversity Analysis has been renewed for a further five years with contributions from ANU (Research School of Biology, Fenner School of Environment and Society, College of Science & DVCR), CSIRO (National Research Collections Australia and Health & Biosecurity), and the University of Canberra (Centre for Conservation Ecology and Genetics).

As part of the renewal, the ANU-based Ecogenomics and Bioinformatics Lab (EBL) will come under the umbrella of the CBA.

The CBA operates as a highly collaborative partnership with a core focus of incorporating evolutionary biology, genomics, bioinformatics, spatial modelling, and population and ecosystem ecology into the discovery, understanding and conservation of Australia’s biodiversity in the face of accelerating environmental change.

Building on these themes, and depending on the interests of CBA members and participants, the Centre will continue and develop its cross-institutional research, training and knowledge brokering activities of the past eight years.

We’re looking forward to another five years of great collaborative science and are particularly keen to hear from ECRs regarding the types of training activities, or other opportunities, they need to address their specific research requirements and interests.

For more information on CBA activities and oportunites please contact us.