ARC Linkage success

28 June 2013

Collecting seed, growing and re-planting is fundamental to restoration projects. However, little is known of the levels of genetic adaptability present in any key species, such as Yellow box, that frequently used for broad-scale restoration.

CBA members and collaborators have been awarded a three-year ARC Linkage Grant ($375K) for Landscape restoration genomics for climate adaptation in eucalyptus foundation species, based on initial collaborations and findings from the CBA Ignition project How local is local? Landscape genomics in yellow box.

The Linkage Project aims to understand the genetic basis of climate adaptation in foundation eucalptus species being used for habitat restoration. The selection of pre-adapted seeds will allow for the re-establishment of resilient ecosystems that will be able to maintain the broad range of life-supporting services into an uncertain climatic future.
This collaborative project will apply genomics to solve real environmental challenges in restoration management and be a model for other foundation species. 
Researchers: A/Prof Justin Borevitz (ANU), Dr Margaret Byrne (WA Dept Environment & Conservation), Dr Adrienne Nicotra (ANU), Dr Linda Broadhurst (CSIRO), Dr Jason Bragg (ANU) and Dr Matthew Daws (Alcoa of Australia).
The ARC Linkage Projects scheme supports collaborative research projects between higher education researchers and partner organisations in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.