Biosystematics 2023: Celebrating the past | Planning the future

Join us in celebrating the achievements and identifying future directions in the discovery and protection of our unique biodiversity.

Our conference mission is to promote documentation of the rich, globally significant and unique biodiversity of Australasia. Sound knowledge of biodiversity is crucial for achieving environmental and economic sustainability and there is still much to discover about the unique, globally significant biodiversity of the Australasian region.

Applying new technologies and focusing on training the next generation of taxonomic scientists, we seek to build a community of skilled researchers to uncover the many species yet to be discovered and document their unique evolutionary history.

By sharing knowledge and promoting collaboration, we aim to develop a deeper understanding of the biodiversity of Australasia and inspire ongoing efforts to manage and conserve its natural heritage.

Host organisations:

This special combined systematics and taxonomy conference will be held at the Australian National University's Kambri Cultural Centre in Canberra and will celebrate the 50th anniversaries of both the ASBS and ABRS.

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