Adaptations to climate change - science and policy perspectives

A day of sharing information and network building hosted by the Centre for Biodiversity Analysis.

In response to questions/areas of interest raised in discussion with Dr Will Howard (Department of the Environment and Energy), the CBA is hosting a day of sharing information and network building on adaptations to climate change

Dr Will Howard works at the Commonwealth Government Department of the Environment and Energy (DoEE) in Adaptation and Climate Science, as well as advising on climate change impacts on reefs and other marine ecosystems, and technologies for emissions reduction. He has a background in paleoceanography and in studying ocean acidification impacts on modern and past oceans.

The workshop will be structured around discussions initiated by short 'Lightning Talks' themed around DoEE's questions/areas of interest on adaptations to climate change in ecosystems, water, species and policy making.

Please RSVP to by COB Monday 11th November. To facilitate discussion, numbers will be limited.


(Download here)

  • 8:45am Tea, coffee and networking
  • 9:15am Janine Deakin, UC: Welcome to Country 
  • 9:20am Craig Moritz, ANU: Welcome and Introduction 
  • 9:25am Paula Doyle, CBA: Knowledge brokering, networking and aims of the day 
  • 9:30am Will Howard, DoEE: The Department of the Environment and Energy and Research Institutions working together.
  • 9:40am Craig Moritz, ANU: Re-surveys and long-term monitoring demonstrate impacts of climate change 
  • 9:50am Adrienne Nicotra, ANU: Monitoring meets manipulation to catalyse interdisciplinary high country 
  • 10:00am Meghan Castelli, UC: Sex across time and space in an Australian lizard with temperature sex determination 
  • 10:10am Steven Sarre, UC: Tympos and temperature: adaptations and risks 
  • 10:20am Jim Hone, UC: Cause and effect: interventions and predictions 
  • 10:30am Jill Bartlett, UC: Oysters and stress: assessing environmental risk 
  • 10:40am Ben Kefford, UC: Thermal variability 
  • 10:50am Discussion    
  • 11:00am Morning tea
  • 11:30am Kyle Hemming, UC: Species vs. climate: does origin matter? 
  • 11:40am Ross Thompson, UC: Environmental outcomes from delivery of water – long term interventions and environmental flows 
  • 11:50am Paul Rymer, WSU: Adaptive capacity to climate change: genetic adaptation and phenotypic plasticity in trees
  • 12noon  Janine Deakin, UC: Chromosomal changes and speciation: genetic management of wildlife in a changing world 
  • 12:10pm Clare Holleley, CSIRO: Museum epigenomics: can natural history collections reveal temporal changes gene expression? 
  • 12:20pm Arthur Georges, UC: When science informs policy - best bang for the buck for biodiversity.
  • 12:30pm  Discussion     
  • 12:50pm Wrap up and thankyou    
  • 1:00pm Finish. Lunch at UC Café Mizzuna (not provided by the event).