CSIRO Herbarium Postgraduate scholarship

Evolution of mating systems in weeds

Explore and model the evolutionary dynamics of breeding systems in Australian weed species and determine the implications for spread, persistence and control.

Invasive weeds can have an enormous negative impact on natural ecosystems and our economy. Their success is largely due to their ability to rapidly colonise and adapt to novel environments and conditions. For example, some weedy species are able to shift their mating system in recently colonised areas. However, we do not know what conditions drive those rapid changes in plant-mating systems.

Understanding the ecological factors and genetic mechanisms involved in the evolution of plant reproductive systems is key to prevent the spread and persistence of weeds. 

In this project you will study the evolutionary dynamics of breeding systems in Australian weeds and determine possible implications for their eradication and control.

Using an important Australian weed, wild radish (Raphanus raphanistrum), this project will develop ecological and evolutionary simulation models to determine the conditions of plant-mating system shifts and their demographic and genetic consequences.

Greenhouse experiments, field work and state-of-the-art genomic analyses will be used to parameterise models and test their predictions.

The position is an excellent opportunity for a student with experience and interest in evolutionary ecology, theoretical biology and/or genomic analyses.



About the CSIRO Postgraduate Scholarship Program

  • 2018 start
  • $7,000pa top-up stipend and $10,000pa operating

The CSIRO Postgraduate Scholarship Program provides opportunities in science and engineering for outstanding graduates at Australian tertiary institutions.

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