Understanding biodiversity dynamics using diverse data sources


22–24 April 2014


CSIRO Discovery & Australian National University, Canberra


 Claire Stephens

Event series

In the face of rapid, global environmental change it is essential that we understand how biodiversity is distributed and how it responds to the forces of environmental change.

This challenge will be met by integrating conventional approaches to biodiversity analyses, spanning environmental, genomic, phylogenetic and trait data in space and time, with cutting-edge informatics, including visualisation, statistical modelling and simulation. 

To address this, the CBA and CSIRO (OCE Cutting Edge Science Symposia) have invited world-class researchers to participate in a symposium and series of workshops titled Understanding biodiversity dynamics using diverse data sources.

The symposium will be structured around two interacting themes:
  1. Visualisation and biodiversity informatics
  2. Inferring evolutionary and ecological dynamics

Four teaching workshops will be offered:

  1. An introduction to the GenGIS software for analysis of biodiversity data
  2. An introduction to SAM (Spatial Analysis in Macroecology) software
  3. An introduction to PhyloJIVE and OneZoom
  4. Visualising and combining trait and evolutionary distances for community analysis


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