28 April

Time Sessions Presenters
8.15–8.45am Registration
8.45–9am Welcome
David Yeates
9–9.30am Are species real, and if they are, do they need a theoretical definition and diagnostic?
John Wilkins
9.30–10am Implications of different species concepts in conservation: the risks and consequences of over-splitting
Dick Frankham
10–10.30am Species delimitation in policy frameworks
Margaret Byrne
10.30–11am Morning tea
11–11.30am The species problem – convergent, divergent or wicked?
Kevin Thiele
11.30am–12pm Implications of species delimitation on global biosecurity
Laura Boykin
12–12.30pm Gene flow should be explicitly modelled (rather than ignored) in species delimitation investigations that utilise genetic data
Bryan Carstens
12.30–2pm Lunch
2–4pm Technical presentations on current software
Bryan Carstens
Ziheng Yang
Paschalia Kapli
4–4.30pm Afternoon tea
4.30–5.30pm Lightning talks
5.30–6.30pm Poster session

29 April

Time Sessions Presenters
9–9.30am When subspecies collide: What can genome-wide signatures of hybridisation tell us about speciation?
Alexander Mikheyev
9.30–10am Progress towards simultaneous estimates of species limits and relationships
Ziheng Yang
10–10.30am Genomic species delimitation in squamates
Matthew Fujita
10.30–11am Morning tea
11–11.30am Species delimitation with fixed or co-estimated phylogenies using the BEAST2 framework
Huw Ogilvie
11.30am–12pm Model and inference algorithm to combine genetic, phenotypic and geographic information
Gilles Guillot
12–12.30pm Panel discussion: analysis strategies
Bryan Carstens, Ziheng Yang, Matt Fujita, Huw Ogilvie and Gilles Guillot
12.30–2pm Lunch
2–3.30pm Technical presentations on current software
Remco Bouckaert
Gilles Guillot
3.30–4pm Afternoon tea
4–5pm Lightning talks
5.30–9pm Conference dinner

30 April

Time Sessions Presenters
9–9.30am Phylogenomics: using a target capture approach to understanding speciation processes from the roots to the tips
Sally Potter
9.30–10am Ecological speciation and cryptic biodiversity in hyperdiverse ecosystems
Luciano Beheregaray
10–10.30am Reticulation: Is there an elephant in the room?
Lyn Cook
10.30–11am Morning tea
11–11.30am Implications and applications of species delimitation in taxa with high levels of morphologically cryptic diversity
Dave Rowell
11.30am–12pm Using ALA for combining and visualising phylogenetic, trait and spatial data for taxonomic research
John LaSalle
12–1.30pm Lunch
12.30–1.30pm Species, taxonomy, genomics and you – a guide for the perplexed
Kevin Thiele
2–3pm Panel discussion: is genomic species ID appropriate, useful or misguided?
David Yeates
Dick Frankham
Mark Burgman
Leo Joseph
3–3.30pm Presentation of ECR prize and closing comments
Craig Moritz

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