Helping researchers staying informed about policy developments

2 June 2023

CBA Knowledge Broker, Paula Doyle is helping biodiversity science researchers to stay informed about policy announcements from the Minister for the Environment and the Department of Climate Change, Environment, Energy and Water (DCCEEW). By linking DCCEEW tweets and ministerial media releases on the google spreadsheet, Paula provides a convenient resource for staying up to date with environmental policies.

Staying informed about policy developments is essential in today's environmental landscape. By consolidating this information in one place, Paula hopes to make it easier for individuals to access and understand the latest policy announcements from the Minister for the Environment, Tanya Pilbersek.

While real-time updates may not be guaranteed, Paula Doyle ensures that her readers have a reliable source for policy information as it becomes available.

As a knowledgeable broker, Paula plays a vital role in bridging the gap between policy announcements and the public. By curating accurate information, she empowers individuals to stay informed and engage in discussions about environmental matters. By sharing curated information on the website, she helps individuals stay informed about important environmental policies and participate in shaping the conversation.

Find the Google Spreadsheet here.