Inferring the relationship between molecular divergence and genetic isolation

During the evolutionary history of two sister lineages, genetic drift and natural selection will contribute to increase their degree of reproductive isolation, leading to the formation of two complete species. This ongoing process leaves signatures in the genomes that inform us about the temporal dynamics of speciation and the genomic location of barriers.

The aim of this seminar is to present what these signatures are, how to infer them, with an illustration from Heliconius and Mytilus.

Dr Camille Roux is a CNRS researcher in evolutionary biology based in Lille where he coordinates the Speciation group of the Evolution-Ecology-Paleontology laboratory. His research interest focusses on the dynamics of the speciation process, i.e.: 1) at what speed species barriers accumulate in genomes? 2) is there a threshold of divergence beyond which hybridization is impossible?