Genome Diversity

Meeting announcement

Building on Bioplatforms Australia initiatives (e.g. OMG, AusARG, TSI) and parallel research, The Centre for Biodiversity Analysis will host a 2-day meeting focused around Genome Diversity.

This will take place at ANU's Research School of Biology just ahead of the International Congress on Genetics and Genomics in Melbourne, July 16-21. We hope to take advantage of international visitors coming who might like to stop in first to join us in Canberra.

Scott Edwards from Harvard has already confirmed his attendance, and will present work on pan-genomes and bird speciation.

The meeting plans to showcase new advances in 3rd-generation genomics (PacBio & Nanopore) in genome assembly, haplotypes, pan-genomes, and structural variation and diversity among non-model species and populations of plants, animals and microbes.  

A second session will lead on to methylation, modifications, and transcriptional (isoseq/splicing/allele and cell specific) layers on top of the genome diversity.

A third session will move on to higher level function, looking at larger populations, LD/structure, the environments they come from, and the genetic basis of phenotypic variation.  

Full Program, Speaker and Registration details to come. Please get in touch if you have any questions or topic/speaker suggestions.