10 years of the CBA: Science Symposium

* dates TBC

We're turning 10!

The Centre for Biodiversity Analysis was established in 2012, building on the strong research foundations of our partners and capitalising on the innovative capabilities in biodiversity science that have rapidly emerged over recent years.

This required novel cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional collaborations, as well as enabling technology, bioinformatics and methods of interference. The CBA embraced this great intellectual challenge, linking previously distinct fields of research, both within and across institutions.

One of our key tools for engagement and collaboration across ANU, CSIRO and University of Canberra are our Ignition Grant and Synthesis Group funding schemes.

Over the past nine years the CBA has funded over 70 Ignition Grants and 13 Synthesis Groups. In recognition of this, our past and current grant recipients are invited to share their progress and results.

Join us for two days of exciting science presentations and networking opportunities. The program will include a showcase of CBA-funded research, talks from key people reflecting on where biodiversity science/genomics has come over the past 10 years and a celebratory dinner.