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5 March 2018


 Claire Stephens

As part of our Ignition grant scheme, the CBA may fund Honours Awards for either the January or mid-year intake of honours students.

Our main goal with this funding is to facilitate ANU and UC honours students spending time in CSIRO labs, providing valuable exposure to CSIRO scientists and research.

Up to $10,000 may be awarded (including up to a $5000 stipend).

You may already have a potential student in mind or we can help advertise the project.


Currently funded projects

Previously funded projects


    Ecogenomics and Bioinformatics Lab (EBL)

    The EBL is a joint initiative of ANU and CSIRO to support training and collaboration, including Ignition project work. The lab, in the Research School of Biology at ANU, includes experimental and computational facilities for both data generation and data analysis. Further information about the EBL can be found here.



    Projects should incorporate evolutionary biology, genomic, bioinformatic and/or spatial modelling concepts and techniques.

    The honours student will need to be enrolled and supervised at one of our partner universities (ANU or UC) and be co-supervised by at least one CSIRO researcher.

    Proposed projects must allow for students to have considerable engagement with both their university and CSIRO labs.

    Information on honours for students:


    How to apply

    We invite you to submit to claire.stephens@anu.edu.au a short proposal (~2 pages or less) that includes:

    1. Project title
    2. Institution where student will be enrolled
    3. Supervisors' details
    4. Project outline
    5. Potential policy and/or management applications
    6. Intellectual property and confidentiality

    Applications will be assessed by the CBA Director and Liaison Committee.

    Download a proposal template



    We would like to recieve a copy of the student's thesis abstract on submission and an expenditure report (a simple spreadsheet is fine). We also expect that the student will present at one of our Ignition Grant Symposiums if possible.

    We would also like to know if the project resulted in any publications*, future collaborations/ co-supervision, or had any applied outcomes - e.g. management, policy.

    * Please note: as part of the CBA Umbrella Agreement (ANU-CSIRO-UC Contract), if you wish to publish material from a CBA-funded project with a CSIRO author, and the proposed publication contains Project IPR or Other IPR, the manuscript needs to be sent to to claire.stephens@anu.edu.au for review by the CBA Liaison Committee at least 30 days, unless agreed otherwise, prior to the proposed submission date. The Liaison Committee will not unreasonably withhold or delay their approval for publication. All publications must acknowledge the contributions of each Party and the CBA

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