Workshop 3: PhyloJive and OneZoom


4–6pm 23 April


Gould Meetings Room, Daley Road, ANU (Bldg 116, Rm 246)


An Introduction to PhyloJive and OneZoom

The generation of biodiversity data is rapidly increasing and the informatics capability needed to manage the data needs to increase to make the best use of the data. This workshop will present two new ways of integrating and visualizing biodiversity data in an evolutionary context: PhyloJIVE and OneZoom.

PhyloJIVE is a web based application that integrates biodiversity data from web-services (such as the ALA of Identify Life) on to phylogenetic trees.  It provides a phylogenetic view of spatial and trait data.

OneZoom is a fractal visualization for phylogenetic tree. It can be used to visualize very large phylogenetic tree (10,000 species or more) and also can link out from species to webpages and other biodiversity data. 

During this workshop the developers of PhyloJIVE and OneZoom will:

  1. Demonstrate their product
  2. Show people how upload their own data
  3. Demonstrate how to build implementations of the PhyloJIVE and OneZoom on webpages
  4. Modify webservices integrations
Workshop attendees should bring their own laptop computer as well as data including phylogenetic trees and trait data. The instructors will help users make implementations of PhyloJIVE and OneZoom.

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Garry Jolley-Rogers

Biodiversity Informatician | webpage

James Rosindell

Imperial College | webpage

Joe Miller

National Science Foundation | webpage

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