QuestaGame Internships

Wednesday 26 July 2017

These internships are an exciting opportunity for recent graduates or PhD students to use their science knowledge that will, in turn, provide a unique experience outside a university setting.

In collaboration with the Centre for Biodiversity Analysis, local tech start-up company QuestaGame has developed short-term internships to give students (and others) the opportunity to work with them. 

These paid, initally part-time, internships are an excellent opportunity for recent graduates, Honours or PhD students to use their science knowledge that will, in turn, provide unique experience outside academia in a local, highly awarded, start-up tech company. Several previous ANU interns are now valuable team members of QuestaGame.

If you are interested in applying for an internship, please email your interests, background, etc. to QuestaGame co-founder Mallika Robinson.


About QuestaGame

QuestaGame is a Canberra-based, now international, mobile gaming app that combines citizen science, biodiversity information economics and social gaming technologies to motivate and engage players to discover and learn about their local environments.

Players, competing individually or in 'clan' groups, use a mobile phone app to take photos of living things. A collective ‘bio-expertise engine’ (which includes expert taxonomists in museums and herbaria to respected amateur natural historians) then identifies the sightings and players win points based on taxa, rarity, etc.

These sightings ultimately become valuable citizen science data as the geocoded images and IDs are uploaded into the Atlas of Living Australia and the Global Biodiversity Information Facility where they are freely available for research and management, eg. conservation, biosecurity.

Andrew Robinson, co-founder of QuestaGame, introduced QuestaGame to the ANU-CSIRO community at a CBA seminar - QuestaGame: How a Multiplayer Mobile Game Can Raise the Value of Biodiversity Knowledge.


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